Love Comes Thru
Music & lyrics ~ frank b. montoya

"Love Comes Thru" is a song that I wrote for my wife in the early part of our marriage. As you wil see in the video, she was pregnant with our son, Jonnie, at the time. e used to go to concerts and we remeber Jonnie would kick during the concerts, specilally we remeber during a Metallica show. This is a Movie we made .. a home made rock video that we put together just to do it .. have some fun. I kinda wrote the script as we went. We didn't have a video camera at the time so we used borrowed camers form a few people. The one we used mostly was this old VHS, huge hunk, that we borrowed from my sister. We used exsisting lighting and on ocassion a standard clip on round metal light fixture ............ al in all, pretty hack .. but, a lot of fun .. .. ... and .. .. .. it came out pretty good .. .. .. .. and brings back some good memories. I have to thank Doug Walker who was then an Editor at Film Core Los Angeles, who had gone on to become very successful. He did a great job of editing together the zillion miles of footage I gave him and syncing it to the audio .. .. as I didn't use timecode.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. and then of course a special thanx to Michel Barrerre ,our "Harrington~Montoya" Lion in the intro !!!

hope you enjoy it as much as i did

the movie is in quicktime format


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