Endorsements & Artist Support


I would like to thank all the companies that have shown support for my work with endorsements. I appreciate your support and support teams that have been so helpful to me with my projects and Music !






I get great Support from Xotic .. Toru .. a very inovative company that I not only love their products but are very special with the personal attention they provide their artist with. To me, this is a really important ................. had a fun time hanging out with Toru and trying gitars and amps over there ..................... As with all the companies that support me, once again ..................................... very quality products and very quality people ................ At this point a special thanx to Toru and Toshio at XOTIC !

All Pro Players know this company and I can't think of anyone who doesn't have either a BB or AC in their pedal board set up !! ......................... I ordered the newAC+ .................... WHAT A KILLER PEDAL !!!!!!! .......... A must have for todays tones .............. brings out the best in you , your guitars & Amps !!!

.... do yourself a favor and add a XOTIC pedal .. or three to your set up .................. U won't be let down !

money well spent here !

***I am using my AC+ for the solo at the end of my song I "Savior" .. .. I luv the tone in this solo .. check it out !

the solo GTR TRK was recorded through my desk, flat EQ and in the mix, no additional EQ/compression was used .. .. .. Gibson Les Paul JR > Demeter Compulator > 1984 Marshall 4104 50 watt 2x12 Combo with a Vox original vintage Gold Bulldog and a 1973 Celestion Grayback 25 .. Sm57s





- - - - - - ~ thanks to Bernie Torelli for his assistance and immediate support when I need it ! .............. Nomad has many excellent Plugins in all formats for all Digital Recording Software. The make sevaeral different categories and levels for all levels.. the new to audio and budget to the Pro Audio Engineer / Mixer. presets are really useable and a good starting point . I get the results I need with their Plugz ~ ~ If you don't have Analog front end .. these Plugz will warm your tracks up nicely !

Down Load Demos





TOONTRACK ~ They've been Great to Me !!!. Andreas and Rogue take care of our needs immediately. I could ask for better Artist Support ! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . This is a sample drum program, triggered via midi thru rewire. Choice of stereo outs or individual mono which certainly gives you a lot more options in your mix. Toontrack offers the new Superior 2 (the original has been discontinued) & EZ Drummer. Superior 2 being their flagship which is geared more for Pro Music Production, the Drum Programmer / Producer / Mixer. They have refined the program and it works GREAT with ProTools 7 and intel MAC's. Their new product, EZ Drummer, is more geared toward the songwiter. They have EZX , which is kinda refills that play through EZ Drummer, so you have tons of groove and drum sound options. Refills also work and are available in S2.0 ~ EZ Drummer also is a midi type program .. you program or drag and drop midi files and the drums play them, or you can program. A Very Killer package .. and oh so quick in the studio ! Also, new products include Drum Tracker, a sound replacer and the new upgraded Superior 2. . . . . . . For me also as a Songwriter / Producer, EZ Drummer is so user friendly making it easy for me to try different things and get what I want really quickly .. so, I don't lose my train of thought and my creative process doesn't get slowed down or interrupted which is a real plus for me and my songs / work .. .. .. .. .. .. and they sound GREAT !

A Special Thanx to Andreas, Rogue and Daniel for their very Special Support !!!

Toontracks support is EXCELLENT !



~ As Always , Thanx to James & Diane Demeter .... I can't say enough about James Demeter and his gear. I had the priviledge to have a studio with James at his old facility and we got a tremendous sound, mostly due to the fact that I had every piece of Demeter Gear in it. My Pres, Compressors .... tube Parametric EQ (the only one of it's kind by Demeter), all his guitar amps and bass amps .. cabinets .. and so on and so on and so on. Anyone who uses Demeter Gear knows the quality of his work. He is always forerunner in ideas ! I am currently waiting on a couple new pedals. A Fuzz - 1 Fuzzulator and a COMP - 1 Compulator, both which he won awards for in 2003 and 2005. I've been using a Compulator forever ................. Not only is James Demeter excellent at what he does but also, James and Diane are very close friends .... by the way, they make "unbelievably good wine " ! ............. .............. ................ In todays new world of home studios and low to mid priced just OK gear .. many new audio engineers, artists, musicians would be doing themselves and their art a huge favor by spending the few extra dollars for Demeter Gear that is well worth much more !

** note .. I have the Compulator on for the solo at the end of " Savior " .. .. i luv what it did for that take .. one of my favorite tones so far !







a Brown Soun Inc

I am really fortunate to have the support of John & Tone Tubby !!!







Who doesn't know who Keely is ...... Great Pedals .. Great Modifications ... I love my RAT .. their 3 waymod on my RAT is still one of ny main go to pedals and works GREAT with all my amps ..

There are alot of Pedal companies these days . I have spent a lot of $$$ trying pedals these past few years .. Most have found their way to someone else's pedal board .. I still have my Keeley Pedals .......

I stopped in and met the staff when going through Oklahoma from Nashville to Los Angeles .. had a great time and they treated me excellent .. Hope to see them again .




PSP ~ Professional Sound Products - I would like to personally thank Antoni Ozynski for his help

I use their "Xenon" constanly. What a KILLER Mastering Leveler , but also very useable on tracks .. This Plug in feels like a good console to me where it adds separation between tracks .. air .. space.. VERY VERY COLL !!!A MUST HAVE !!! .. .. .. .. .. If you haven't tried PSP Plugz .. .. .. your tracks are not the best they can be !!! PSP plug ins are so very analog and transparent .. they really enhance your work.. .. .. In todays Industry, many are unfortunately unable to budget for a Mastering Engineer .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .which is a real shame as I believe Mastering is an art in itself !!!!!!!!! .. .. .. .. PSP KILLS OZONE as far as warmth , SEPARATION .. Anaolg vibe ! . .. .. .. .. .. .. Mix Pack and Lexicon also OUTSTANDING !


If you haven't tried them, I highly suggest a download trial










.. special special thanx to Paul Patronette and Patrick !!!



Groove Tubes ~ Aspen



Weber Speakers ~ Thanx Ted



HipShot - thanx to Hipshot & Jason 4 your support !




.. .. ..thanks for looking out for me Larry ..



Guitar Center Pro ~ Nashville - Greg / New Jersey - Peter & Rick



Divided by 13 ** Fred is the man



Korg ~ Marshall ~ Vox ~ I am no longer supported by MArshall / Vox .. then all under Korg .. but while I was , a special thanx to Evan ..... I had the 2007 Vox AC15 HVTH ~ Handwired AC15 Head and it sounds GREAT ! Also have the Vox AC15C1 .. must have for the $



Celestion Speakers - much thanx to John Sanchez





there are a few new companies supporting us .. and I will add them in the near future when time permits .



Once again, Thank You ALL for your support.

You all get the highly coveted UP IN THE NITE burning of the midnite candle award